Bellasee’s expert ophthalmologists and retina surgeons are dedicated to delivering the most comprehensive and effective care for our patients, treating retinal conditions like retinal detachment, age-related macular degeneration, or diabetic retinopathy.

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Retina surgeons are fellowship-trained in the treatment of retinal disease. They complete one year of additional training focusing solely on the retina.

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Emergent situations such as retinal detachment and bleeding, as well as the treatment of chronic retinal disease.

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In ARMD, the cells in the center, most sensitive part of the retina break down, leading to central vision loss. 

Wet ARMD and Dry ARMD.

Dry ARMD is the thinning and aging of the macula, the central part of the vision, over time. In wet ARMD, there is a growth of abnormal and leaking blood vessels beneath the retina, in the area of the macula.

Diabetes can make the blood vessels in the eye very fragile and leaky. In diabetic eye disease, bleeding can occur in the back of the eye leading to loss of vision if left untreated.

Injections of medications to stop the abnormal growth of blood vessels as well as laser treatments.

This is determined by your eye surgeon. For a patient with no diabetic eye disease, but a diagnosis of diabetes, an annual exam is recommended. 

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